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6 Ways to Separate Yourself from Other Job Seekers

Job applications and interviewing can be daunting and discouraging if you keep getting turned down.

6 Proven Ways to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Your employees can make or break your business. Looking for quality employees is a process that is extensive and tedious, and these days, it may be feeling like you’re a little “late to the party” as top tier candidates say thanks but no thanks and accept a different offer out of several they have on the table.

4 Things to Understand About Contingency Recruiting

From time to time, there are people I come across that have never worked with a Contingency recruiter, so I thought perhaps it would make sense to explain for those unaware exactly what Contingency recruiting is. 

Video Interview


Let me start with a disclaimer and say I do realize the following doesn’t apply to the vast majority of you reading this, but surprisingly, even shockingly, there are a very small percentage of folks that are the up-and-coming newbies most likely, that do need to hear this. 

Managing through Covid-19

This is all such a strange thing, isn’t it? This Covid-19. How many of us are sitting here thinking “what’s next?” yet there are no definitive answers.

DRIVE: The One Essential Quality Needed When Hiring

Over my career, I have made good hiring decisions and then some doozies.

Calling All Pioneers!

I wrote a blog a few weeks back about the amount of stellar talent on the market RIGHT NOW.

The Sales Org Dilemma: To Hire Or Not To Hire

I recently read a piece through Harvard Business Review that was spot on in my opinion. is a liar

Let’s face it. We are all so uncertain about what the future holds for us. Our way of life as we know it may be changed forever, both personally and professionally.

To Shake or Not to Shake

The handshake. It has been a part of our very existence in some form or another for not just hundreds but thousands of years. After watching the news this morning, I became curious as to its origins, so I did some research.

"Speak Life"

TobyMac is a singer and songwriter and I have had the opportunity to see him perform multiple times over the years. He has a song called “Speak Life” and it is based on a quote from a book called Abba’s Child by Brennan Manning in which Manning states the following:

The Secret Weapon to Hiring Sales Talent!

The Sales Hiring Dilemma After many years of placing the most elite sales talent all across North America, I have heard the same complaints over and over.

Are You Getting Interviews, But Not the Job?

How to Diagnose Where You Might Be Going Wrong Your resume has earned you interviews with several employers over the past year.

Recovering From A Career Break?

Have you taken a career break to start a family, taken time out following a redundancy or temporary retirement? Have you decided to step back from work to enjoy different experiences, such as travelling the world?


The Curiosity Quotient and Emotional Intelligence : Two Critical Parts of the Interview Process

Personality and character play a big role in determining an employee’s ultimate success within the culture of your organization.

Want to Become an Industry Thought Leader? Here’s What It Takes

Becoming a known thought leader in your industry can allow you to reach a level of success you have only ever dreamed of.

Successful Leaders Steps to Growing Their Business

Leadership is hard, it’s a delicate balance that requires the right foundation and chemistry. First and foremost, great leaders know and care about their people.